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Somerset West Carpet Cleaners

Professional regular cleaning of your carpets is recommended by most experts in the industry to not only keep your carpets looking sparkling clean and stain free, but also to extend their lifespan, as deep-seated grime and dirt that can only be professionally removed speeds up the daily process of wear and tear.

Chem-Dry Somerset West has made it their mission to provide top quality carpet and upholstery cleaning services accessible and affordable to everyone, whether it is a large business or private household. Contact one of our friendly carpet cleaning technicians today for a free quotation and advice on how to best remove those stubborn stains and renew the look of your home without breaking the bank.

Chem-Dry Somerset West is a professional cleaning organisation and a branch of the global Chem-Dry franchise. The company has been in the carpet and upholstery cleaning business for over 30 years and has grown consistently through our dedicated superior service. Currently ChemDry has over 3500 franchise outlets throughout the globe with over 40 of these in the Southern African region alone.

Chem-Dry Somerset West will always ensure that we get the job done and leave our customers satisfied and smiling. Our team of highly trained and experienced carpet technicians can attend to any of your carpet cleaning needs, whether it be emergency stain removal or just a general all around spring clean. Our cleaning solutions are of the highest quality on offer and can also be purchased from any one of our franchise branches to be used by yourself in your home when needed.

Chem-Dry’s main cleaning process is a Hot Water Extraction System that is 100% safe to use in your home and provides a natural deep clean to your carpets and upholstery.

What is more, because our Hot Water Extraction System is so effective and uses 80% less water than traditional methods of steam cleaning, your carpets will be clean and ready to use again within a few hours, meaning minimal disruption to your home or office lifestyle. Chem-Dry Somerset West is one of the leading professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service providers in the Western Cape.

Our carpet cleaning facilities will keep your home feeling fresh and looking like new while at the same time providing a healthier home or office environment through our use of eco-friendly non-toxic cleaning products that destroy dirt and grime as well as germs and bacteria lurking in dirty carpets and upholstery.

Drier, Cleaner, Healthier is Chem-Dry Somerset West’s cleaning promise to you.

  • Drier – through our unique and patented Hot Water Extraction System
  • Cleaner – through our carbonated cleaning process that gets deep into the fibres of your carpet and gentle dislodges stains at their root
  • Healthier – the absence of the use of soap and harsh chemicals leaves no sticky residue or excess water in your carpets, a breeding ground for bacteria and mould spores.